Thai Terraces Signature Dishes


Goong-Ob-Woon-Sen(Shrimp potted with vermicelli noodle)  $18

An array of succulent jumbo shrimp on top of napa and cellophanes noodles, seasoned with oyster sauce, ginger, cooked and served in a clay pot.


Soft Shell Crab-Pad Pong Kari(Seasonal)  $23

Sautéed with curry powder, Chinese celery, onions and eggs served with angel hair pasta


Salmon-Rad Prik  $21

Grilled fillet salmon onto spinach sautéed and topped with sweet Thai chili sauce.


Mussels Coconut Spaghetti   $19

New Zealand Green Shell Mussels with tomatoes seasoned basil & garlic with lemongrass & coconut milk.

Seafood Lemongrass Spaghetti   $22

Jumbo shrimp, Sea scallop, calamari with combo of lemongrass & coconut milk, basil & garlic.

Hit Sea  $20

Combination crispy pan-fried Tilapia and Jumbo Shrimp, served with homemade sweet chili sauce and sautéed vegetables, served with steamed rice.


*Basil Shellfish  $25

Salmon, Jumbo shrimp, Sea scallop, Mussel, Squid, bell pepper, basil, chilies, garlic, snow peas, mushroom & baby corn,

Pineapple Curry Duck  $21

Crispy roasted half duck served in a special red curry sauce with pineapple, bell pepper, grape tomatoes and Thai basil, served with steamed rice.

Gai – Aob (Half Chicken) $16

Roasted juicy Cornish hen marinated in traditional seasoning, served with sautéed mixed vegetable and steamed seasoned of sticky rice.


Sea Bass or Red Snapper (Whole or Fillet)   M/P

Prepared steamed or deep fried crispy on topped with a choice of either Rad Prik sauce or Red Curry sauce.


Grilled Lamb    $26

Marinated Lamb chops grilled to your satisfaction and served with your choice of green curry sauce or panang curry sauce.



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